The Best Time to Sell in 2023

The Golden Week to Sell Your Home:  

April 16th-22nd, 2023

The ideal time to put your property up for sale this year could be April 16th to 22nd, according to experts at Sellers can take advantage of this optimal window and prepare their homes for sale by making calculated repairs and valuable updates while utilizing effective marketing tactics.  The result could potentially result in a $48,000 increase in their sale price compared to listing at another time this year. 

Now is an ideal time for sellers to begin preparing their homes for sale. Inventories remain low compared to pre-pandemic levels, while mortgage rates still hover near the 6.5–7% mark - meaning both buyer demand and potential returns are high. The following market conditions are responsible for this sweet spot in the market:

  • Strong Buyer Demand
  • Higher Home Prices
  • Less Competition From Other Sellers
  • Faster Sale Times

Preparing a home for sale typically takes longer than expected for most sellers. A homeowner should begin preparing for the sale of their home as soon as possible.  To ensure that their home looks well cared for and updated, it is important to make necessary repairs and perform regular maintenance.  Even small improvements to a property can have a major impact when it comes time for showings. Also selecting a knowledgeable and experienced real estate agent is vital. created a Countdown Page where sellers can enter their zip code and can identify the best week to list their home for sale. 

If you are considering selling your home this year, I would be happy to consult with you and provide a free comprehensive market analysis.  Additionally, you may want to take advantage of our Compass Concierge Program where we handle all the repairs and preparations without you having to pay the upfront costs. 

Contact me today at 858-717-0730 for more information.

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