Selling Your San Diego Area Home?


Top-10 profitable low-cost or no-cost things you can do OUTSIDE your home:

  1. Front door: paint or varnish if needed. Your front door is one of the first impressions a homebuyer has of your home. Take advantage of it.
  2. Get a “Welcome Friends” doormat. It makes a home seem just a bit “friendlier”…
  3. “Brass adds class”: For under $250 install a polished brass mailbox / mailslot, doorbell, light fixture, and address numbers
  4. Paint outside if needed. You might be able to get away with just painting the trim and garage door
  5. Lawn tip: green it up w/ ammonia sulfate, mow & edge if needed
  6. Trim any overbearing bushes/trees
  7. Liven up the front w/ PLENTY of flowers, planted or in pots — this is probably the most important tip on the list!
  8. Clean your driveway oil stains — hardware stores sell products that make it easier
  9. Move any old vehicles, trailers, or boats
  10. Get your neighbors to clean up their act. I know this can be tough, but I’ve seen many San Diego home sellers lose $1,000s because a neighbor’s home looked terrible

Top-10 most profitable low- or no-cost things you can do INSIDE your home:

  1. Clean your San Diego home until it sparkles
  2. “If in doubt, move it out!” Get rid of clutter & extra furniture; crowded rooms feel smaller
  3. Follow your nose & eliminate pet odors
  4. Clean or replace your carpet as needed (a “carpet credit” doesn't work well because it appeals to logic, but buying a home is all emotion)
  5. If needed, paint the walls & ceiling near-pure white (unless you have a decorator’s eye & can choose the right colors)
  6. De-personalize: tone down teen rooms & remove excess family photos
  7. Invest in this $5 upgrade: install high wattage bulbs
  8. Set your dining table with your fine china
  9. Buy new thick towels for the bathrooms, preferably white + a color that works
  10. Add a splash of color with a bowl of bright green limes or oranges on the kitchen counter